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UV Polish SHOW GLOW NO. 119 6ml #164

UV Polish SHOW GLOW NO. 119 6ml #164

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The Show Glow 119 color is a color that each of you will love! THIS IS A REAL HIT! A wonderful hybrid varnish with a brown, warm color with a million particles, which with a flash creates a mega sexy WOW effect on the nails.

This brown color combined with a million reflecting particles is a definite HIT!
We like to fulfill your requests - for all those who love the Show Glow series - now in new summer colors! Varnishes from the Show Glow collection do not need a color enhancement!

The laser-cut brush of our hybrids allows you to paint under the cuticles without the use of an additional, thin brush.

The consistency of the varnishes is similar to the previous collections - you can delicately feel the glitter in their consistency, but that's because there is a lot of it there! The nail polishes are leveling, so you won't notice any unsightly streaks on your nails. Two thin layers are enough for full coverage.

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