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UV Nail Polish - Romantic Woman 6ml | Valentine's Day #190

UV Nail Polish - Romantic Woman 6ml | Valentine's Day #190

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Every woman has different faces. We behave differently at work and at home, differently towards friends and differently towards strangers. And this is beautiful. We should cherish this diversity within ourselves. It is the same with red hybrids - they are all red, but if we look at it longer ...

Romantic Woman is a hybrid varnish with a classic shade of red. Every woman will like it. Importantly - it does not have a hint of orange in it, which is often undesirable for most.

The red hybrid is definitely a manicure classic.
Red hybrid varnish is a must have for every nail stylist. Such a manicure fits any outfit, which is why it is so often chosen by clients.
Creamy consistency is already the standard of our hybrids. Thanks to it, painting with our varnishes is really very simple. In addition, this varnish is equipped with a slightly rounded brush - this is the most ergonomic shape of the brush. Thanks to it, you can easily reach the skins themselves.

Some people say that you need to look after the red on the nails. We believe that red is for everyone, and what do you think?

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