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UV Nail Polish - Relax 6ml | Under The Sun #238

UV Nail Polish - Relax 6ml | Under The Sun #238

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This dark aquamarine hybrid varnish is probably the most difficult to describe color from the entire collection. Hybrid varnishes of our brand are famous for their unique colors, so this time we were up to the task. This color is bright, warm and has the hallmarks of a sea color. Is special.

The brush of this hybrid varnish is designed with nail stylists in mind. We want to make your work as easy as possible - hence the slightly rounded shape, so that you can easily get the varnish under the cuticles, but without touching them.

The creamy consistency of the hybrid is not a coincidence - it is there to ensure that the varnish is leveling nicely and does not run away from the nail plate.

High pigmentation - this should probably be at the very beginning

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