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UV Nail Polish - Mirage 111 6ml #050

UV Nail Polish - Mirage 111 6ml #050

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Silver hybrid varnish will change every manicure - you can make beautiful construction decorations with it, such as French or babyboomer, but also combine it in a "rich manicure" with dark colors.

The 111 silver varnish from the Mirage collection is universal. If you like to surprise and shock with your manicure, this color is for you.

Hybrid varnishes from the Mirage collection are wonderful, unique varnishes with a mega effect - a colorful base of the hybrid, colorful particles and pieces of holo foil. The unique combination of these ingredients allowed for an amazing hybrid.
The varnishes are quite dense due to the amount of glowing particles inside. However, when you put a top on it, nothing will stick out.

There are so many particles that they are evenly distributed.

Product imported from Poland 🇵🇱

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