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UV Nail Polish - Happiness 6ml | Under The Sun #235

UV Nail Polish - Happiness 6ml | Under The Sun #235

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Happiness hybrid varnish from the Under the sun collection is a hybrid varnish with a distinctive color. Neon pink is a unique color that will win the hearts of all women. It is not very blatant - it is very subtle in its neon shade. Such a neon pastel. It matches the colors of Let’s go, All inclusive and Meramid. Together, they will create a unique, colorful stylization.

The brush of this hybrid varnish is designed with nail stylists in mind. We want to make your work as easy as possible - hence the slightly rounded shape, so that you can easily get the varnish under the cuticles, but without touching them.

The creamy consistency of the hybrid is not a coincidence - it is there to ensure that the varnish is leveling nicely and does not run away from the nail plate.

High pigmentation - this should probably be at the very beginning

Product imported from Poland 🇵🇱

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