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UV Nail Polish - La VIie En Rose 6ml | Je T'aime Paris #279

UV Nail Polish - La VIie En Rose 6ml | Je T'aime Paris #279

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Are you looking for something that will delight you? Do you care about something special? Are you looking for a varnish that is just like you - unique? We present La Vien En Rose hybrid varnish from the Je T'aime Paris collection. This dark fuchsia will be perfect for any time ...

La Vie En Rose hybrid polish looks beautiful in a mat - finish it with a Soft Touch top and you will see how elegant manicure you can have!

Unique varnishes - designed for exceptional women.
Many years of experience have allowed us to create the perfect consistency of hybrid varnishes, and specially contoured brushes (which are cut perfectly - with a laser) will facilitate the work of every nail stylist.

All hybrid varnishes from the Je T'aime Paris collection have a high level of pigmentation and their creamy texture helps in painting nails! YES! It helps! These varnishes spread very well, level themselves and do not leave streaks, and what is important - they do not flood the cuticles.
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