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UV Nail Polish - Bff 6ml |Don't Forget Me #345

UV Nail Polish - Bff 6ml |Don't Forget Me #345

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BFF is a beautiful, slightly subdued purple from the Don't Forget Me collection. Violet will delight again next season, so the BFF hybrid polish is a must-have in the collection of every stylist. Violets symbolize loyalty, i.e. the value that we expect in every relationship, especially friendship. For this reason, the BFF color is perfect for creating a matching manicure with your best friend.

Enjoy the durability of your BFF color for up to several weeks. Our varnishes have been specially created by us so that two thin layers are enough to obtain full coverage and color saturation. Despite the strong pigment, hybrid varnish does not fade over time. Thanks to the laser-cut brushes, precise painting under the cuticles is a breeze. Check for yourself and see that painting nails with hybrid nail polishes from Nails Company is a pleasure.

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