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UV Gel Easy Control Chocoly 50g

UV Gel Easy Control Chocoly 50g

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Chocoly Builder Gel from the Easy Control Line by Nails Company

Are you looking for a professional builder gel that will impress your clients with its elegant chocolate colour and exceptional properties? The Chocoly gel from the Easy Control line by Nails Company is the perfect choice for both intermediate and beginner nail technicians. Thanks to its innovative self-levelling formula, the Chocoly gel guarantees easy application and a flawless finish every time.

Why Choose Chocoly Gel?
Easy Application: The Chocoly gel is designed with nail technicians of all skill levels in mind. Its consistency allows for easy and precise application, which is particularly important for beginner and intermediate technicians.
Self-Levelling Properties: Thanks to thixotropy, the Chocoly gel automatically levels itself on the nail plate, minimising work time and eliminating the risk of uneven surfaces.
Elegant Chocolate Colour: The chocolate shade of the Chocoly gel gives nails a luxurious and stylish look. Perfect for any occasion, from everyday styles to evening outings.
High Durability: The Chocoly gel is characterised by exceptional durability and resistance to damage, ensuring a long-lasting and satisfactory result.
Easy Control Line by Nails Company: Products from this line are known for their high quality and innovative solutions that make the work of nail technicians easier at every stage of their career.

Gels from the Easy Control series do not cause a burning sensation in the lamp, which is very important for your clients. And what have we prepared for you? Easy Control gels are ideal for the extension and building method without filing.

Choose the Chocoly gel from the Easy Control line by Nails Company and discover how easy it is to create beautiful and durable nail designs. Perfect for intermediate and beginner technicians, it guarantees professional results and client satisfaction. Make your designs not only beautiful but also durable with the Chocoly gel!

Consistency: Thick

Usage: Building, construction, baby boomer, camouflage, French. Best for the no-filing method!

Curing Time: 120 seconds in a UV lamp and 60 seconds in a UV/LED lamp.

Professional product.

Available sizes: 15g / 50g

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