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UV Nail Polish - Delicate Textile 6ml | Boho Vibes #003

UV Nail Polish - Delicate Textile 6ml | Boho Vibes #003

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Delicate textile is a hybrid nail polish. It is in the same shade as Macram's varnish, but it is significantly darker than it. It is a color that will definitely be useful to every nail stylist - it is worth having it in your offer!

This color will be perfect for the popular BabyBoomer. Especially recommended for women who love the warm shade of natural nails.

The varnishes from the BOHO Vibes collection are semi-transparent, which means that they combine the best of transparent and fully opaque products.

They emphasize the value of the natural nail plate, can gently mask its flaws and leave a beautiful color on the nails!

This hybrid varnish is applied with great ease because it has a specially contoured brush, thanks to which you can get the product under the cuticles.

Application without streaks and flooded cuticles! Despite the fact that it is semi-transparent, this varnish has a creamy consistency that spreads perfectly over the nail without flooding the cuticles. If French or babyboomer is often on your or your clients' nails, you definitely must have this hybrid nail polish!
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