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UV Nail Polish - Fun Fun Fun 6ml | Under The Sun #240

UV Nail Polish - Fun Fun Fun 6ml | Under The Sun #240

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Who loves trinkets hand up !!! Ok - you can leave her now.
We have something really extra for you! We've never seen an effect like this before and we know you'll like it too.

Brilliant Woman is a red hybrid varnish with a million particles and… (yes, we've added even more!) With small pieces of honeycomb foil. They are red too.

So we have 3x RED in this 6ml bottle:

red hybrid varnish,
red particles,
red foil.
This hybrid varnish is like a woman - surprising, unique and exceptional. Highlight your sex appeal with Brilliant Woman nail polish.

The red hybrid is definitely a manicure classic.
Red hybrid varnish is a must have for every nail stylist. Such a manicure fits any outfit, which is why it is so often chosen by clients.

Creamy consistency is already the standard of our hybrids. Thanks to it, painting with our varnishes is really very simple. In addition, this varnish is equipped with a slightly rounded brush - this is the most ergonomic shape of the brush. Thanks to it, you can easily reach the skins themselves.

Some people say that you need to look after the red on the nails. We believe that red is for everyone, and what do you think?

Product imported from Poland 🇵🇱

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