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Dual Form - Almond

Dual Form - Almond

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DualForm NC Nails Company

You need acrylic, gel or acrylgel for them. When it comes to gels, the thick ones, for example from the Perfect Shape series, will work best. Nail extensions have never been so easy.

You can easily get your favorite nail shape. Importantly - thanks to this method of extending nails, everyone will have the same shape - no more different shapes. If you care about the perfect shape of the nails, the same length and perfect C curve - then we recommend our Dual Forms.

The template will give the nails the perfect shape. The stencils are plastic, which makes them reusable.

Directions for use:

1. Prepare the natural nail plate as always - apply preparations and base.
2. Match the correct size of the molds.
3. Shape the shape, press the mass on the tips to the natural nail plate.
4. Leave the tips until the mass solidifies in the case of acrylic or harden in the lamp in the case of gel and acrylic gel.
5. Gently pull the mold off.
6. When finished filing, apply color or top coat.
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