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Drop top - Neon Yellow 11ml

Drop top - Neon Yellow 11ml

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Drop Top NEON YELLOW is a top foruv polish  with bright, neon particles and yellow geometric pieces of foil. This effect looks fabulous on both light and dark colors.

Drop Top is a unique top without dispersion that will change any manicure.
This effect is unique. Importantly, this top does not turn black into navy blue. It is also very scratch resistant. Its consistency, despite many particles, remains medium-thick or even thin, which makes painting without streaks very easy. This product is extremely efficient.

The particles are evenly distributed, so you will definitely not be annoyed in this top. The particles and foil flakes are very thin and small - thanks to this, nothing sticks out and you do not feel anything "under your finger".

Available in a capacity of 6 ml and 11 ml.
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