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Cuticle Oil - Endless Summer 15ml

Cuticle Oil - Endless Summer 15ml

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Endless Summer Cuticle  oil will give the natural shine to your nails. Its aroma is inspired by the famous Tom Ford Soleil Blanc perfume. 

A unique formula based on natural sunflower and jojoba oils with the addition of vitamin E. This perfumed cuticle oil stimulates the growth of healthy and strong nails. The combination of oils effectively  regenerates and moisturizes the cuticles around the nails, and prevents breaking and splitting of the nail plate. The scent of this cuticle  oil is a combination of many notes that we will surely recognize coconut milk, almonds and cardamom.

Thiscuticle oil has a pipette which is the perfect option for work in the nail salon . With this product you will take care of the comfort and safety of your clients.

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