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UV Polish - COTTON CANDY | Crazy Dots 6ml #180

UV Polish - COTTON CANDY | Crazy Dots 6ml #180

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Who of you has eaten cotton candy at least once knows how unique it is - fluffy and sweet - like a cloud! Cotton Candy hybrid varnish is the opposite of a light image of cotton wool - it is intense and definitely eye-catching!

Cotton Candy hybrid varnish from the CRAZY DOTS collection is a neon coral !! This varnish has many colored particles, the most visible of which are the blue and white ones.

Coral color is a whitened, mild version of red. However, the neon version does not lack the proverbial claw!

Delicate particles do not affect the consistency of the varnish, which remains creamy and slightly leveling. Thanks to this, you will not experience streaks, creating even the thinnest layer of varnish. The shape of the brush has been specially designed so that you can get the product under the cuticles without touching them or using another, thin brush.

Product imported from Poland 🇵🇱

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